Netflix has released the newest season of its adult animation anthology Love Death + Robots and if this is the series’ last season, does it go out with a bang or a small pop?

Season 2 of LDR was a hit and miss when it came to the story content and episodes. With season 3 they took the best from both previous seasons and made season 3 worth the wait. They took what made season 1 wonderful and that was the storytelling and content that made so many of the episodes with watching over again and season 2 just the right amount of time per episode.

The longest of the episodes was “Bad Traveling” which ran for 21 minutes and the shortest was “Night of the Mini Dead” which ran for just 7 minutes long. The 9 episode season had a lot of wonderful storytelling, beautiful artwork, and overall enjoyment all around.

The only bad thing that I have with season 3 was with the episode “In Vaulted Halls Entombed.” Personally, this was the weakest to me due to the main story was just an H.P. Lovecraft story and if you have seen or read one, you have seen them all.

Overall LDR season 3 is worth both the wait and watch. They took what made the previous seasons great and put them together to create this one. If this is the last season of LDR with what is going on on Netflix, then this is a great way to go out. Love Death + Robots season 3 is out now.