Marvel has released the date and the creative team behind their release for the upcoming highly anticipated Predator comic series.

From a press release from Marvel via their website that the first issue of Marvel’s Predator will hit comic book stores on July 6 of this year. The creative team behind this series will be written by Ed Brisson, who worked on Ghost Rider and Iron Fist and art will be done by artist Kev Walker who did work on Dr. Strange and Doctor Aphra. The first story for the new series will see a young girl, whose family was killed by the Predator and wants revenge or die trying.

We have to wait and see if this will live up to the Alien comic series, which has been pretty good so far. While both series had been a mainstay at Dark Horse for many years and came out with many classic stories over the years, let us see if Marvel can live up to that or do something different.