Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to go with a two for one because they have the same problems so let’s talk about the worst of TV and cartoons of 2021.

Both TV and cartoons both suffer from the same issues such as too many reboots, way too many to watch, and not enough meat on the bone in terms of content. You have series such as What If…?, Hit Monkey, Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Y: The Last Man and Cowboy Bebop are great examples of this.

Not only that but there are way too many streaming services that you have to see what each one has to offer and see what’s worth your hard-earned money and what to pass on. In this day and age of digital connectivity, it is becoming more and less entertaining to watch something without finding out spoilers before you watch anything, in other words, it is now or forget about it.

You know that one joke about in the future you will have hundreds of channels to watch but there is nothing on worth watching, 2021 is the punchline that makes this very very true.