Yo Ho, WeRCatz here!

Archer premiered its 12th season on August 25. The first two episodes are “Identity Crisis” and “Lowjacked.”

Essentially, Archer and the gang continued where they left off from the end of Season 11. However, money has become a problem for what used to be called ISIS since the gang can’t even afford to keep their name.

The comedy is still there without missing a beat as Archer is still an asshole, but he’s an asshole with a super cane! Mallory (played by the late Jessica Walter) is still quite the elitist despite budget “restraints,” Cyril is still Cyril, Lana is having trouble in paradise, Cheryl and Pam are outrageous as ever, and Ray and Kreiger are still in action.

Money is the newest theme this season though it’s something we’ve all seen before. But instead of dealing with the CIA, the gang are on their own. In “Identity Crisis” the gang is trying to modernize their game by becoming more accessible online. But in “Lowjacked” they are still building up their repertoire to promote themselves to potential clients.

All in all, Season 12 started with open arms. It shows promise despite an old theme being used.