Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at another Kickstarter you need to have on your radar.

Freelance comic illustrator Jean-Paul Deshong has a Kickstarter campaign for a new graphic novel for his series “Sons of Fate.” “My Deadly Beloved” is a prequel to the “Sons of Fate” series and takes place years before the series and the story mainly focuses on Lord Omo Jinjaku and Lady Akemi during the end of the Warring States Era in Japan. We will see what life was like before the main series and might have a better understanding of the main series as well.

The artwork that you will see in the Kickstarter is beautiful, eye-catching and the coloring is wonderful. If you haven’t read or seen “Sons of Fate” this is a great way to introduce yourself to this series and you end up picking up the series. As of writing this the Kickstarter for “My Deadly Beloved” will end in 23 days and if this peaks your interest you can go to the Kickstarter link here and pre-order yourself a copy of the graphic novel, the illustrated version, the collector’s edition, deluxe collection, and the retailer copies.

We will keep you up to date on this Kickstarter and let you know when any new news about this one comes out.