Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we talk about everything we know about the newest player in the gaming handheld market and its Steam Deck by Valve.

The Steam Deck is a Nintendo Switch, but with PC power under the hood and three price options. First, the steam deck is running on AMD Zen 2 and RDEN 2 chips. Not only that but it will also have 16 GB of Ram and the option of having 64GB eMMC/ 256GB NVMe SSD/ 512GB NVMe SSD memory. The price depends on your choice of memory and here are the price options:

64GB – $399 and will be released in Q1 in 2022
256GB – $529 and will be released in Q2 in 2022
512GB – $649 and will be released in Q3 in 2022

You can add more memory via MicroSD cards which is a good thing. We Don’t know anything about the battery life yet, but we will let you know once we do. Could this be the handheld that will dethrone Nintendo as king of the handheld market, maybe if they can do it right.