Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at the new season of the former Netflix Original series that is now on Adult Swim and that series is Tuca & Bertie. 

The Season 2 premiere episode ” Bird Mechanics” takes place sometime after season one and we see both Tuca and Bertie being themselves and seeing what’s going on with each of their personal lives. Bertie decided to go get help via a therapist to help her anxiety and she ends up going on a mini-adventure to find herself a therapist that will not only understand where she is coming from but also help her in a safe and comfortable environment. Tuca decides to find love and she ends up renting a bus and making a game out of it to see who will be her lover.

From here on out we see how they both deal with each of their situations while at the same time helping each other out. All of the charm, wonderful artwork, great voice acting cast, and the topics and smart dialog that made the first season so special are back in full force here and as a fan of the first season it’s great to see them back on the small screen. People who haven’t seen the first season may think this is an odd show or say it will remind them of Bojack Horseman.

If you miss the first episode you can watch it here and they are on Adult Swim every Sunday.