Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to talk about one of the biggest news that came out this past week and that is Amazon buying MGM.

It was reported by numerous media sources that Amazon bought MGM for a total of $8.45 billion and many are thinking they did this just to flex their muscle at Disney, HBO, and Netflix, but you’re wrong. If you ask me, they did this for the IPs that MGM has under its belt, not only that but the huge amount of films and series in its library. They can increase what they have on their streaming service, but also this can be their chance to win an Oscar or two and maybe other awards that Netflix has won. Not only that they can use the animation catalog the MGM has and maybe bring back some classics as well.

Whatever it may be, we have to keep an eye on Amazon and see what they will be doing with MGM and hope they don’t do what another company did last year.