Today in Hidden Gems we are going to look at an album that turns 40 by the pioneers of modern electronic music who just was announced that they were inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and they are Kraftwerk and their album is Computer World.

After the release of their previous album The Man-Machine in 1978, the group went to work on Computer World from 1979 till early 1981 and in May of 1981 Computer World was released to the world. The album focuses on the concept and themes of the rise of the computer in society in terms of their use in the workplace and our personal lives as well (and man they were right!)

The names of each track may sound odd but after listening to them and thinking about it you will get a good idea of what they were wanting to express and here are all the names of the tracks:

Computer World
Pocket Calculator
Computer World 2
Computer Love
Home Computer
It’s more fun to compute

Each track has this computer sound that might sound the same to each other, but if you listen closely to each track they are not. Computer World was a hit back on its release but also has been sampled by the likes of other artists and groups such as Afrika Bambaataa, Coldplay, LCD Soundsystem, and Señor Coconut y su Conjunto to name a few.

Both Kraftwerk and Computer World have stood the test of time and are still listening to this day and still inspiring others to create electronic music of all kinds to this day, also go and list to Señor Coconut y su Conjunto on their take of Kraftwerk, it is something else.