Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at the second season of the Netflix anthology series Love, Death + Robots.

Right off the bat, there are only a total of eight episodes here and they are somewhat of a hit or miss depending on person to person. To me this season’s main weak point was the storytelling, last season had a vast amount of original stories, but this season not so much. If you want a good example of this, watch last season’s final episode “The Secret War,” and this season’s final episode “The Drowned Giant.” The Secret War” was different, unexpected and how the story was told from start to finish was great. “The Drowned Giant” on the other hand was a modern take of Johnathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, but with a twist and was told via monolog point of view. While some of season two episodes had better stories, only around two or three were great but fell into a typical ending that hurt the episodes all around.

The art in season two was great for the most part, but they also felt like they didn’t bring anything new to the table at all. Not only that there were more animation studios in season one than season two and season one had 18 episodes as well.

Love, Death + Robots Season 2 dropped the ball hereafter with what they released in season one. I’m not saying that season 2 is bad at all, but after watching this season and going back to watch season one you will see and ask yourself “What the hell happened here?” It is said that Love, Death + Robots will have a season 3, but I hope they don’t make the same mistake as they did with this season.