Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at the latest episode of Helluva Boss which is titled “The Harvest Moon Festival.”

This episode takes place in Moxxie and Millie’s hometown of The Ring of Wrath. We also get to see Millie’s family and meet the gunslinger imp named Striker, who is voiced by none other than Norman Reedus of all people and did a hell of a job. We see the usual hijinks with our favorite ragtag group and also see some glimpse into why Millie married Moxxi And her love for him. We also see a twist at the end of the episode and I think it’s going to be where the series might go but I could be wrong.

Another great episode for Helluva Boss, this was fun, insightful and we get to see more and more of this odd but crazy world. The best part was Norman Reedus and he hit a home run with Striker, who is one of those characters that you can’t help but love to hate, and sang the song ” Striker’s Song.” Now I can’t wait for the next episode and see what the gang is going to do next and maybe just maybe we can have a crossover with Hazbin Hotel.