Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at the mobile version of Riot Games League of Legends or LoL for short with Wild Rift and see if it makes its PC counterpart proud.

LoL Wild Rift is LoL light for mobile. It plays the same as its PC counterpart and if you played LoL on the PC, then you will be right at home with Wild Rift, well kind of. LoL PC players will take some time getting used to the new setup via mobile phone controls and such but after a few matches, they will get the hang of it. New players will pick up this game with ease because Wild Rift was built for mobile and console players but if they never play a MOBA like SMITE or Vainglory then they may or may not understand what is going on and such.

After playing for a few hours myself, Wild Rift is good so far. While I did get some lag here and there, people leaving the match if things aren’t going their way and the huge level difference of MOBA and LoL knowledge and players, it can be a deal-breaker. There were times where after a few matches I had to close out because it was making my phone overheat and ate up a good amount of its battery life, keep that in mind if you are going to make this the main game on your mobile devices. You better have a lot of memory and a good chip in your mobile device because it’s going to need 2 GB to download and with the many updates to come it’s going to add up in the long run.

League of Legends Wild Rift is available on Android and Apple stores as well as Samsung store as well.