Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at the second season to one of the 2019 anime season breakout hits of the year Beastars.

This season picks up some time after how season one ended and we see how every one of the main cast and environment has changed as well. We are introduced to more characters and see how both the black market and high society are the same from different points of view. One of the unanswered questions from season one of who killed Tam was the main focus in this season and once we saw who it was and why it made you think how much this series world and the cast of characters are almost as similar as people who we know in real life. We also see how love can make and break someone in ways we all can sadly say we know oh so well.

From beginning to end this season is great, like the first season they took some things out from the original manga and that’s fine with me. The animation is great, the music is fine and it’s overall a great season just like season one. Netflix will have season two available outside of Japan later this year.