Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to review the spin-off of Cells at Work and its Cells at Work! Code Black.

The spin-off takes place in a whole different body and we see what the body goes through when it’s not taking care of the right way and newsflash, it’s not pretty. We see a whole new cast of characters and what they go through hell and back just to keep said body alive, for better or for worse.

This series is nothing like the main series, which is more cheerful and a joy to watch. Black is depressing, dark, heartbreaking, and downright sad. While Black does tell us what’s going on with the body like the main series is, it does make you think twice about your health and needs to make room for improvement to one’s body.

In the end, Black is worth the watch, and be advised it will make you want to go to your doctor for a 100% full physical check-up.