Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to talk about Microsoft.

After news broke out of Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda, everyone has been wondering if they will be looking to obtain another studio and there are two that are on the rumor mill.
It’s been said that Sega has been looking to get out of the gaming industry and if Microsoft is looking to finally get some footing in the Japanese market I wouldn’t be surprised if they did buy Sega. This would help them gain some ground in Japan, which has been a two-company race with Nintendo and Sony being the top two in the country.

Another rumor is that if they can’t get Sega, who is to say they won’t go after Konami? With the recent news of them letting other companies use their IPs to create new games, Microsoft could just pick them up and go on a rampage of exclusives.

Regardless of whether they do get either-or, or maybe both, this could start a new gaming war unlike any other we have seen in a long time.