Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we have a review of the third episode of Helluva Boss and the name of this episode is “Spring Broken.”

The main focus was about a parking spot between Blitzo and his pop star ex, Verosika Mayday that took me and the fan base by surprise. After a very heated exchange of words, they end up going to the earth world to see who can outdo the other to a stupid crazy result that didn’t surprise me at all but made me laugh. We see Moxxie get drunk, Millie being a badass, and Loona helping out for once and we see a side of her that was cute and funny. Christina Vee did a hell of a job bringing Verosika Mayday to life and I want to see more of this character.

Helluva Boss hasn’t lost any of its charm since its second episode was released back on December 9 of last year. While there were some odd animation bits that you can see, but those bits are passable. You have to remember that this series is not done by a huge studio and we should appreciate this ragtag group of animators.

“Spring Broken” is on Youtube and remember this series is NOT FOR KIDS!