Yo Ho, WeRCatz here!

Nowhere Man (罪夢者) is a Taiwanese produced TV series from Netflix. I was released on Halloween 2019.

The story is about a quartet in Taiwan: three Triad members and an autistic man who happens to be the young brother of one of the members. After getting a job from their boss, they fell into a complex trap that ends up with three of them getting the death sentence. After finding out that they were betrayed by their own boss because he wanted more money, the trio escape from prison to exact revenge.

With just eight episodes, this series fell pretty short. There were some good points I liked and the story was ok. However, There’s a lot of confusion going on. Flashbacks, hallucinations that look like sci-fi when it isn’t, and a revenge story that didn’t feel like there was enough anger in it to merit such an emotion. The revenge plot didn’t flow out as interesting to me as some revenge tropes stand out more than the progression.

If you are curious to watch Nowhere Man, go ahead. It is enough to watch the series once, but not enough to see it again multiple times.