Ahoy Captain Cats here and today I’m going to give you a full review on the most anticipated game in 2020 and that game is Cyberpunk 2077. Just to let you all know I’m playing on my PS4, so PC and Xbox versions of the game will be different.

The Story
The storytelling in 2077 is one of the best. For many who don’t know the game storyline is from the tabletop game Cyberpunk series from R. Talsorian Games, which was created by Mike Pondsmith. You play as V, a character that came back to Night City and tries to make it to “The Big Leagues”. After a huge mission goes wrong, you end up teaming up with Johnny Sliverhand and see what is going on in Night City. From either the main story missions or the side missions, each mission has its storyline that is well written that CD Projekt Red could have made expansion DLC for any of them. Also, you don’t need to know the storyline from the tabletop game but it helps to do some reading if you want to understand 2077 better.

While the game is in the first person, it doesn’t make it into a first-person shooter, it’s an RPG first and an FPS second. I have spent most of the game talking to people and less time shooting and I don’t mind it at all. There is more than one way to play this game and I love that it gives me these different options of game style to play. While I did find some glitches during my time playing the game, they were not game-breaking, and to be honest, they made the game even more fun, for example, I was riding on a bike then I hit a car, car flying into the air and blows up and the driver said excuse me and I was laughing.

The Look and Feel of Night City
Night City is like nothing I have seen in other video games in terms of how it looks and feels. Yes, when it was first released on the PS4, it looked and felt fine but I noticed some places looked off and some of the NPC(Non-Playable Characters) look blocky and odd at times. While after a huge update to help fix these issues it may take some time and other updates to make the Night City CDPR wanted to show us.

The Sound of Night City
The music and voice acting in Cyberpunk 2077 are top-notch. The music that is played on the radio when driving around Night City is perfect, it had the GTA vibe and feel to it. There were times where I would just go around driving just to listen to the music and radio hosts talk about random things, especially Mike Pondsmith who talks about game lore which puts a smile on my face. The voice acting in the game is great. Each character has their own feel, sound, and vibe. If you’re wondering what I think of Keanu Reeves as Johnny Sliverhand, yes he did him justice.

Overall Cyberpunk 2077 is a great game, while there are some glitches and a lot of people may not like that it’s not all guns blazing, it’s still a great game. Maybe in time with a few more updates and DLC, Cyberpunk 2077 will be the game that everyone wanted on release.