Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at what were the best things that happen to comics in 2020.

Harley Quinn and Punchline
This year wasn’t so great for DC Comics due to how many bad choices they made and how many times they shot themselves in the foot. Out of all of this, two things came out great for them and that is Harley Quinn and their new character Punchline. DC released Harley Quinn: Black+White+Red was a huge love letter for fans of Harley Quinn and with many different artists and writers telling a new different story each week was great. Soon after this, the world was introduced to Punchline and she was loved from day one. As of now she just has her first stand-alone issue and so far it’s perfect. Let’s hope in 2021 we get more of Punchline and DC don’t drop the ball on this one.

Cons Go Online
While you know what has ruined the convention season this year it didn’t take long for many comic conventions to go online and try to bring some happiness during this horrible year. While some were better than others and for many of them, it was a first for them to do this, in the end, it was a huge success because it brought entertainment to the world and made us remember why we love going to conventions and our love for comics as well.

Mirka Andolfo
The Italian artist and writer has had one hell of a great year in 2020! With the release of Mercy in the US, Un/Sacred became a surprise hit and Vol 2 was just released, the announcement of the Mercy sequel and of course the Sweet Paprika project, Andolfo just took the art world by storm. If things go as well as this year, 2021 will be the year of Mirka!

Next week I will give my personal opinion on comics in 2020.