Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to review the first issue of one of the hottest characters in 2020 in her first single run and that character is Punchline.

The issue picks up right up after the events of The Joker Wars and we got to see how Alexis Kaye aka Punchline first met The Joker. From here we see how she goes and tries to play the victim to all of this and make the people of Gotham go to her side. We also see Dr. Leslie Thompkins, Harper Row aka BlueBird, and her brother Cullen Row, with these three we see different points of view of where they stand with what Punchline is trying to do. Throughout the issue, we read what Alexis is painting a picture to the masses that she was nothing more but a victim and at the end of the issue she was loved by the people of Gotham and had them in the palm of her hand.

This was an excellent issue, we got to see Punchline in the spotlight, and did she shine oh so bright. While the supporting cast did their part and help the story progress and see the different points of view, Punchline narrative was brilliant. Sam John and James Tynion IV struck gold with Punchline, from her first appearance earlier this year back in April in Batman #89, and now her first issue, she is going to the top of fan-favorite and dare I say it, even outshine Harley Quinn. Mirka Andolfo was the artist and she did a beautiful job bring this issue to life with her art style and it looks like 2021 is going to be a very good year for her.

Punchline will be back in 2021 and I for one can not wait to read more of this series.