Today on hidden gem we are going to look at the debut album of an instrumental rock band that you many never heard of, but their music you have and that group is The Ventures and the album is Walk, Don’t Run.

The Ventures was first formed back in 1958 in Tacoma, Washington with the original lineup of Don Wilson, Bob Bogle, Nokie Edwards, and Mel Taylor. In two years the band would release their debut album Walk, Don’t Run on December 5, 1960, and it was a 27-minute instrumental rock classic. The album was a mix of instrumental covers of well-known songs at the time and original works.

Songs such as Morgen, Home, Caravan, and Walk, Don’t Run made The Ventures such a hit band in the USA and other parts in the world, especially in Japan where to this day the band still has a following and planted the seeds of what would later become Japanese Rock.

Take some time and listen to this album and sit back, relax, and let the music take you to the beach and enjoy your time there.