Yo Ho, WeRCatz here.

So Season 11 of Archer has come to a close with a new Season 12 on the way in the future.

Archer and the gang head to Antarctica on a mission to solve a murder. At first, I thought that this episode would do a parody of John Carpenter’s classic sci-fi horror The Thing. Instead, we have a who-done-it episode full of funny moments.

It’s a good thing that we’re getting a Season 12 of Archer because of a few things. The gang’s mellow environment has fallen apart and it looks like everything is going back to Archer’s type of normal. Speaking of Archer himself, he was seeing characters he knew while he was in a coma in the forms of Dutch Dylan and Crackers the Parrot.

What intrigued me the most was Archer’s ending response to everyone’s feeling of Archer’s return from his coma. He calls them out on their failure of saving the world while he was down. He also points out that the gang uses Archer as an excuse to become failures and blame their personal blunders on Archer. In the end, the only person who changed forward is Archer while the rest of the gang changed back to their old selves.

Season 11 is over and change was in the air. Yet Archer was the one who experienced it. The gang had their chance to make their respective changes more permanent but failed to do so because of their acceptance of personal shortcomings. I hope we have some answers to Crackers the Parrot and other vision problems Archer has now when Season 12 arrives.