Ahoy Captain Cats her and some big news to all you Beastars fans.

While the manga series is one chapter away till its finale, Netflix, via their official Twitter account released a poster for Beastars season two with the following statement:

“Someone in the Cherryton Academy drama club has a secret. Here’s your first look at Beastars season two, coming 2021!” – Netflix

I’m taking a guess they might do the same setup as season one with it being first shown in Japan and once the second season ends a month or so later will be released around the world. What Netflix should do is release it worldwide a week or two after the season ends and hype it up before release.

Season one of Beastars was released in March of this year to huge success, so I won’t be surprised if they release it around the same time next year more or less. In case you haven’t seen season one of Beastars it is on Netflix now and you should go watch it.