Today on hidden gems we are going to look at a soundtrack that made a now-canceled show its a one of a kind sound and helps made the show an underrated classic series and that show is The Venture Bros.

The music to the series was all composed by J.G. Thirlwell, an Australian-born composer and music producer who has been making music since 1980. For many who are fans of the series know what the music is like and for those who have never seen it here is the opening theme for the series entitled “No Vacancy.” By just listing to the intro alone it has this big band sound, but with an experimental feel and tone to it. You can also hear it in other track such as “Fumblestealth,” “Assclamp!” and the series outro music “Tuff.” There are a few tracks that have the different tone and vibe, but they are played very well and remind me of Ennio Morricone and Louis Armstrong and these tracks are “Brock Graveside,” “Spag,” and “Mississippi Noir.”

This album was released back in 2009 and still to this day is a gem to listen to. The only downside to this album is that it is impossible to find the vinyl print new or used, which I think is the best way to listen to this soundtrack. Overall the album clocks in around an hour and ten-minute mark and still one the of best out there.