Yo Ho, WeRCatz here!

For those of you who are old enough to know the 90’s as a kid, remember the anime Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai?

This past Saturday. October 3rd, the new retelling of Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai has premiered. Based on the video game Dragon Quest, this retelling of the classic anime based on the manga has a more updated look. However, the original premise remains the same as well as the character designs for now.

The first episode is simply the reintroduction of the main character Dai and how he came to start his quest after defeating a group of fake heroes near his home of Delmurine Island.

The good here is that the retelling is faithful to the original sources. So far there’s no deviation from the core story. The new colors are vibrant and there’s some backstory to how Dai came to Delmure Island as a baby.

As for the bad, there really isn’t much at all to tell. Well, maybe the intro and outro music. Small, but negligible.

Overall, I felt like a kid again as I see all the characters from the original anime come back to life from the intro. Pop, Maam, Princess Leona, Hyunckel, the teacher Avan and even Crocodine are reinvigorated. I cannot wait for the next episode to see if the progress of time is faster or if there are twists to the original story that may be explained.