Yo Ho! WeRCatz here!

Archer is moving on with its third episode “Helping Hands.”

The main focus of this episode is the team working on a secret mission… without Archer. Everything goes to plan except for a notable setback… Archer.

The return of Mitsuko, Krieger’s holographic girlfriend, is a welcome of fresh air; she appears as the ghoul from The Ring. Some things remain the same as she, along with Krieger’s van, gets destroyed by ISIS’ new competitor JUNO. Krieger has to grieve again to repair the losses.

Another fresh moment of change is that the fake-voicemail gag finally runs full circle. Archer delivers a classic fake-voicemail when Malory tries to contact him (with his inbox full), but then Malory delivers one in revenge.

Once again, change is the driving force in this season as the expected becomes unexpected… for Archer. Once again, he wants his old life back but is now starting to see that he is becoming a possible burden to ISIS. The gang would have to reconcile with Archer without compromising their steady flow of success without him.

I can’t wait to see the next episode since there may be some more recurring characters coming back for another round. As for Archer himself, it would be interesting to see how he tries to get along to go along with an ever-changing world.