Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at the long-awaited issue 7 of Doctor Doom.

After what happened between Doom and Kang the Conqueror in issue 6 we see Northern Latveria icy tundra and the Von Doom Loyalists which consist of Boris and Perta Karela, Larin, General Vasily Maleyev, Doom’s adopted ward Kristoff Vernaed and the champion of Latveria Zora Vukovic. Out of nowhere, we see Doom riding a bear name Novak and called the bear his comrade, which I have to say was awesome. Soon after this, he calls for his loyalist to meet him one by one due to Doom thinking that one of them betrayed him. Soon we are in space and seeing The Blue Marvel getting ready to enter the Black Hole because he can close it with what Doom said in the previous issue.

Back in Northern Latveria, Doom meets with each of the loyalist ones by one and we see how they interact with Doom when he asks them to swear an oath to him and ask them each a question until he found out who betrayed him. After finishing his talk with the rest he is off to talk to the current ruler of Latveria and we see a twist and at the end of the issue in the black hole, The Blue Marvel meets with Dr. Otto Octavius AKA Doctor Octopus who is there to seal the wormhole and was sent by Doom.

This was a great long overdue issue to read for fans of this series. I don’t know why Marvel took so long to release issue 7 and if they use the pandemic for their reason then I can respect that but at least say something and not wait till not to release it. Overall another great outing from the duo of Cantell and Larroca in this issue, plus Novak looks cool.