Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at a new anime series that was released by Netflix and that series is Dragon’s Dogma.

The anime series was based on a 2012 game of the same name that was created by Capcom. The main story is about a character named Ethan who is the lone survivor of a dragon attack and during this attack he sees his wife and unborn child killed and the dragon takes his heart. Soon the dragon mocks him, takes his heart, and tells him if he wants it back he must come to his lair. Soon after we meet Olivia, his helper, and companion, and here is where the series just went downhill.

The story was 100% predictable, from start to finish each episode you can see what was going to happen. Even the names of the seven episodes are named after the Seven Deadly Sins in most religions and you know what is going to happen. The animation was ok at best, how the dragon look was horrible and so does some of the action and so on. The ending of the series was lackluster and in the end, I felt like it was trying to be like the next big thing in dark fantasy in anime, but in reality, like what it was based on is a clone copy of something done better.

Dragon’s Dogma is one of those anime series that if you want to watch something to kill time and enjoy it that one time, sure go ahead and watch it for what it is, don’t expect it to blow your mind and expectations away.