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On May 14, 1970, the kung fu film Vengeance premiered. It stars David Chiang and Ti Lung while legendary director Chang Cheh directed.

Taking place in 1930s Beijing, Vengeance centers on revenge; Chiang hunts for blood after his friend (Lung) is murdered.

Because of Chang Cheh, there is blood and violence that influenced many kung fu directors to come. Notably, a famous scene where Lung’s character dies twice showcases Cheh’s visionary genius: a Beijing Opera performer dies on stage with the curtain being pulled down on him signifies the murder simultaneously.

After success with 1969’s Dead End, Cheh kept Lung and Chiang to make several films over the years. This collaboration is famously called “The Iron Triangle” because each movie concerning the three always leads to a successful hit in the box office.

To follow the hype of this classic Shaw Brothers film, here’s the link to the original trailer of Vengeance in Shaw Scope!