Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to review a mini-series that Mirka Andolfo came out late last year and that series is Un/Sacred.

Un/Sacred is a sexy rom-com fantasy series that is about an angel named Angelina and her boyfriend, a devil name Damiano. From start to finish, we see how their relationship started and is at the present moment and see what they both do to not give in to temptation and such in very humorous ways.

The art and story are great from Andolfo, she knows how to bring her worlds and characters to life in comics. There are moments where you feel for Angelina and Damiano, not just for their relationship but for themselves as well. The cast of characters in Un/Sacred is a delight, Angelina and Damiano are a treat and they always somehow find a way to make me laugh, even for the dumbest things. The secondary characters are wonderful as well, they help bring this series to life and even remind you of a friend or two in real life and even make you say ” oh they remind of such and such.”

If you haven’t seen this series yet, go, find it and read it. This could be one of the best-hidden gems of comics for the past year, and if they come out with Angelina and Damiano sculpture, don’t be surprised if it is sold out.