Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at the 2020 version of the San Diego Comic-Con International via Comic-Con at Home event and tell you what we think of this year’s event.


The panels
This year has a great number of panels for everyone and I think this is where Comic-Con at Home (ccah for short) is at it’s best. Each day there was a bit of something whether its from comics, TV, education, anime, and storytelling, they did a great job here. While there wasn’t a “Hall H” type of panel this year online, the rest of the panels did their job.

The Eisner Awards
This year Eisner Awards was quick but was still wonderful to watch. Phil LaMarr and Jackie Estrada did a wonderful job with the award presentation and with Sergio Aragones presenting the Hall of Fame Awards and Ruth Clampett, the daughter of Bob Clampett presenting the Bob Clampett Humanitarian Award, it was a great night for the Eisner and congratulations to the winners this year.

Fan Interaction
One of the biggest things that makes SDCC so special is the interaction with fans and other people in the many fandoms that are present at SDCC. This year CCAH has made it possible to interact with others via many different events. Interactive events such as the CCAH games page, its tumble account for art show and masquerade, their watch party for anime and films, and more. I have to tip my hat off to them for putting a lot of effort into doing this for the fans.

Amazon step up and put on their own virtual con experience with “Amazon Virtual-Con.” Here you can see what they have in store with new series, special offers for comic and manga fans, and more.


The Online Exhibit Hall
This isn’t as bad as you think, it is more of a place holder than anything to the actual exhibit hall. While I give credit where credit is due if they were to do this again next year I think they can improve on it and make it more interactive and have some of the links working and not sending me to other sides that are not what they say they are.

No Hall H
With none of the big film studios participating in the online event, the lack of any kind of Hall H was here this year. Many who don’t know what Hall H is about, its where all the big studios show off what are they going to release in the near future. It was in Hall H where the DC movie universe was shown off, the MCU was first shown to the world and more.

DC and Marvel
With DC doing its own event next month and Marvel just had a few panels, it was a very quite from these giants of the comics industry. Sure DC has two panels talking about what’s going to happen in the next few months and such and same with Marvel, I think they both decided to phone it in and it looks bad on them.

Overall this wasn’t very bad at all, minus the lack of some big names and Hall H Comic-Con at Home was an overall success. They should try and do this again next year and improve on what they learn from this year. Fans from all over the world and people who couldn’t go to comic con show be able to enjoy this format and make this a part of the experience.