Hidden Gem: Supergrass I Should Coco Turns 25

Today on hidden gems we are going to look at an album that turns 25 and sums up what the 90s were in both the UK and the US, and that album is I Should Coco by Supergrass.

Supergrass is a four-man group from Oxford England that consists of Gaz Coombes, Danny Goffey, Mick Quinn and Rob Coombes. There debut album I Should Coco was released back in May of 1995 and went on to became an instant hit. The title is a cockney rhyming slang for ” I should think so” and it was the right choice for the album title because this album was a bit of Britpop and punk rock with lyrics that sound like it means something but it means something else. The bands created a classic here with songs like “I’d Like To Know,” “Caught By the Fuzz,” “Mansize Rooster” and “Strange Ones.”

Other songs on this album stand out and make you think about how the 90s were, especially for the 90s youth and the meaning behind them with songs as “Sitting Up Straight,” “She’s So Loose,” “Time,” “Sofa Of My Lethargy,” and “Time To Go.” The song that stands out the most in this album was the smash hit “Alright,” and this song was in one of the most 90s movies of all time, Clueless, and from start, to finish this song is so catchy and screams 90s youth in every form.

If you have the time go look up this album any way you can and give it a listen and see why this album showed what the ’90s were all about.