Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to talk about the huge announcement that DC Comics made.

A few days ago DC Comics announced that they are going to have an immersive virtual fan experience and that event is called DC FanDome. According to DC Comics, the DC FanDome will have a bit of everything from films, TV series, video games, comics, and more. The event will take place on Saturday, August 22 at 10 am PDT, but with a catch and that catch is the event will be for only 24 hours and once it’s over, it’s over for good.

The FanDome is broken down to 6 parts or “verse” to fit the theme and here are what each verse are:

DC WatchVerse – here they will have panels and exclusive screenings of upcoming shows, films, games, and if the rumors are true they will have trailers for Black Adam, the Snyder Cut of Justice League, The Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman 1984.

DC YouVerse – here fans can see other DC fans artwork, cosplay, and other fan content from around the world.

DC KidsVerse – here is tailor-made for all the young fans of DC Comics.

DC InsiderVerse – here is where they will do one on one interviews with artists, actors, producers and more.

DC FunVerse – here fans can read comics online, create DIY kits and giveaways, and more.

The Blerd & Boujee House – an online party with interaction.

Once the event is up and running we will have a full breakdown and review what happened at the FanDome event.