Ahoy Captain Cats here and today some sad news to report as legendary writer and editor Denny O’Neil has passed away at the age of 81.

Dennis J. “Denny” O’Neil was a writer and editor for both Marvel and DC Comics. He started with Marvel as a writer and then to Charlton Comics for a year in half till Charlton Comics editor Dick Giordano took an editorial position and brought O’Neil with him.

It was here O’Neil showed the comic world his talent. While he and artist Mike Sekowsky made Wonder Woman powerless which didn’t sit well with fans, it was his run on Justice League of America with artist Dick Dillin that became a hit and set the stage for another series. With artist Neal Adams, the Green Lantern/Green Arrow and Batman runs are a timeless classic, especially Batman. With stories such as “Daughter of the Demon,” “The Joker’s Five-Way Revenge!,” and “There Is No Hope in Crime Ally” O’Neil set the bar for years to come.

After another run at Marvel, which he help co-create characters such as Madame Web, Hydro-Man, Obadian/Iron Monger, the Sliver Centurion armor, Yuriko Oyama/Lady Deathstrike and was created as the person who created the named Optimus Prime. Soon after that he went back to DC Comics and was an editor for many Batman titles, wrote The Question and The Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight “Shaman” storyline, created Azrael with Joe Quesada and more till he retired in 2001.

Bob Harras, Editor-In-Chief at DC Comics has this to say about O’Neil:

“Denny was an amazingly talented writer and editor. More than that, he was a beloved member of the DC Family, and he will be sorely missed” – Bob Harras, Editor-In-Chief at DC Comics

We here send our condolences to O’Neil family may he rest in peace.