Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to review the newest adult animated series from Hulu and Justin Roiland, the Co-Creator of Rick and Morty, and that series is Solar Opposites.

The series is about a group of aliens who ended up on Earth after their home planet was blown up by a huge meteor and now must live together like a “family” and learn to live with Earthlings. From here on out the series plays out like Rick and Morty, but a lighter version of it, and I think it was a great choice. We see some great things and moments in this series that I think Rick and Morty couldn’t do.

The cast is great as well and all 8 episodes feel good, it was paced right, a lot of laugh out loud moments and the main side story was really good, and I think that alone is what made this series good. Yes, the series has its bumps such as some of the episodes the main storyline was overshadowed by the side story and one of the best episode was all about the side story with an ending that I didn’t see it coming at all.

Overall with its simple, complex main cast, great voice acting, good main story, and a fantastic side story, Solar Opposites is worth the watch and you can see all season one on Hulu now.