Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to review what could be the last adventure we will ever see of Steven Universe in the OVA series Steven Universe Future

the OVA series takes place 2 years after Steven Universe TV series ended and shortly after the movie as well. We see Steven as a teenager and being a diplomat and ambassador for the gems to come and visit “Little Homeworld” which is located on Earth. From here on out we see that this OVA series is more of an epilogue and tries to tie up some of the loose ends that both the TV series and movie left and it did alright tying up these loose ends. As a whole, the OVA was kind of a let down in terms of it felt like the hype that this series had didn’t live up to and felt more like these episodes were like leftover ideas that didn’t make their way to the TV series and were used here instead.

The look, feel, and the vibe is still there but the storytelling didn’t have the same heart as the TV series did and the last 7 episodes kind of felt out of place and touch due to the pacing and outcome of what it was leading too and this created a lackluster payoff.

In case your wondering why I called this an OVA series because it felt like it and in the end it was, same setting, the same cast of characters, new story setting and so so pay off. While many fans of the series will love this, I think that Steven Universe Future could have been better, but that’s just me.