Ahoy Captain Cats here and we have some good and bad news for Disney-Pixar newest film Onward.

The good news is that it was number one at the box office on its opening weekend, bringing in $40 million while last week winner The Invisible Man came in second with $15.2 million. You think the House of Mouse would be happy about this, well no, no they are not.

The bad news this that the $40 million it made on opening weekend was the lowest from them on a non-holiday weekend. Originally it was projected that Onward was going to bring in almost between $96 and $105 million. Just in the USA alone, the film made $40 million and international it made $28 million with a total of $68 million worldwide and it was still disappointing intake.

Most companies would give an arm and leg for making money like that, but knowing Disney they will bounce back with Mulan at the end of the month.