This week on Hidden Gems we are going to talk about a song that is making waves in thanks to an upcoming film and that song is “Un Amor” by the Gipsy Kings.

The song was originally released on the group’s third album which was called “Gipsy King” on August 21, 1987. This album was the group’s first worldwide hit album, going gold in France, the UK, USA, Japan, and Switzerland.

The song is about how much the singer can not live without the love of his life and it pains him so if he is not with his lover. One might think “oh heard one, heard them all ” mentality, but you are so wrong. The way Nicolas Reyes sings with a passion and flair and the guitar playing helps elevate this simple song to something that you can play for your loved one and show them how much they mean to you in your life.

While this song has not been known outside of The Gipsy Kings fan base, it was thanks to a trailer that made this song relevant and peek many people interested and that trailer was for the upcoming film “The Jesus Rolls.”

Un Amor is a song full of passion and life, who knows maybe this could be on your “love song” playlist.