Ahoy Captain Cats and today I’m going to review a new take on Bram Stoker classic novel Dracula and it is something different, for better and for worse.

The BBC take on the classic story has some of the best setting and acting, most notably the latter and ill get to it in a bit. The setting in each episode is very wonderful and sets the tone for each episode and storyline. The way how the story was told was great while at times the pacing is off from time to time and the payoff was lackluster it was still good.

The acting was top-notch, especially from Claes Bang and Dolly Wells as Count Dracula and Van Helsing respectively. The way they both portray their characters are perfect, from the look, talk and insult one another is what made this series worth the watch. The only bad thing I have to say that hurt the series would be the third episode, the halfway point of the third episode till the end was an eyesore and left a sour taste in my mouth.

Dracula is worth the watch, it is something different, out of the blue atmosphere and great acting does carry this series with the bad third episode. Dracula is on Netflix right now.