Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we have some comic news for you.

The San Diego Comic-Con has released new information on this year’s Eisner Awards with the announcement of Nell Brinkley and E. Simms Campbell are the first two to be inducted to the Eisner Hall of Fame.

Nell Brinkley was a trailblazing pioneer cartoonist for newspaper and magazine and many have referred Brinkley as the “Queen of Comics” during her 40-year career. Her most famous work was of the Brinkley Girl, a girl who captured the hearts and eyes of many for her art style.

E. Simms Campbell was an African-American cartoonist who gave Esquire their look, style, and Esky, the Esquire lovable mascot. He also worked for other magazines such as Life, Cosmopolitan and Playboy. Besides that, he also created a gag panel Cuties and a night-club map of Harlem of the 1930s.

Now here is the list of the 14 finalists for the Eisner Awards Hall of Fame and out of the 14 only 4 can be selected and they are:

Alison Bechdel
Howard Cruse
Moto Hagio
Don Heck
Jeffrey Catherine Jones
Francoise Mouly
Keiji Nakazawa
Thomas Nast
Lily Renee Peter Philips
Stan Sakai
Louise Simonson
Don and Maggie Thompson
James Warren
Bill Watterson

we have to wait to see who are the other four to join Brinkley and Campbell in this year’s Hall of Fame class of 2020.