Ahoy Captain Cats here and today I’m going to give a full review on 2019 most anticipated and a breakout hit anime series Beastars.

The anime series is based on the original manga series which is created by Paru Itagaki, who is the daughter of Keisuke Itagaki, the creator of the martial art manga series Grappler Baki and its sequels. The manga series is published by Akita Ahoten and is release on Weekly Shonen Champion from September of 2016 and as of now still in print and a total of 17 volumes and counting has been released. The anime series was announced in the first quarter of 2019 and was going to be in the hands of CG studio Orange, who work on the 2017 anime of the year hit Land of the Lustrous. The series was a retelling of volumes 1-6, with a few slight differences, which I didn’t mind because the slight differences help made the series stand out from the rest of the lackluster 2019 anime season year.

The series starts with a death of a character and soon after we see a world of civilized anthropomorphic animals that are made up of carnivores and herbivores and it focuses on a very large gray wolf name Legosi who keeps to himself and keep his head down. Soon after being asked for help by the actor club star Louis, a red deer and on that same night he had an fatal encounter with a small dwarf rabbit named Haru and he doesn’t know if he loves her or see her as his prey. All of this is happening while the death of a character has everyone on edge to the point where carnivores and herbivores are starting to not trust each other at all, even themselves.

The whole 12 episode series is as complex and it is beautiful. The way the world in this series look and feel as if you were apart of that world, the characters are a joy to watch and how they interact with one another is on a level that only a few other series can say that it would be impossible to match if done live-action or in any other way. The music, oh the music was just the icing on top of a beautiful cake and in the next few weeks, I will go in-depth on our music section because it deserves its review, that’s how good it is.

The only negative thing the series has is that while the series was aired in Japan from October 8 till December 26 of 2019, Netflix will be streaming it in the USA and they haven’t had a great track record with its anime last year and how they release them as well. For the love of all things Netflix just release the whole series AS a whole and not this half now, half later stick. The other negative thing is that many people including critics are comparing Beastars to Zootopia and that is not the case at all. While both series do have anthropomorphic animals, Beastars took itself very series and brings up subjects such as life and death, inter-species relationship, how to love and respect yourself and the psychological aspects to each anthropomorphic animal, both the main and supporting cast.

Beastars is one of those rear anime series that not only lived up to the hype that is built for itself, it also became an instant classic. With the announcement of season two on its way with no release date and a live-action stage play to have a run from April to May of 2020 in Tokyo and Osaka, 2020 could be a great year for this series. Do yourself the favor and watch this series.