Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to see what happened to Victor Von Doom in the third issue of Doctor Doom.

We see the issue start with Victor who is giving a speech about weather control, and we see Doom sitting there dead and soon we see hell and it’s not pretty. We see Doom being greeted by Mephisto and soon is put in his place. Mephisto reminds Doom what he did to save his mother’s soul and it does hit a cord to Doom to tries to explain why he did it. We see how Latveria is trying to do what it can at the moment without Doom being their attack from all corners with no help in sight. We go back to hell and see Doom fighting with a demon and soon as things look grim (no pun intended) we see Mistress Death saving Doom and sending him back to the living. We see Doom’s body in Morgan Le Fay apartment and soon after attacking Blue Marvel and H.E.R.B.I.E., Kang appears and Doom asks him an important question.

This issue looks great from an artistic point of view, but the storyline wise it fell flat. This issue felt like a filler issue and I’m kind of disappointing by this, the creative team had great push so far and to do this and not do this after the first story arc feels like they hit the all too soon. Hopefully, they can bounce back in issue 4.