Ahoy Captain Cats here and its that time of the year again for us to take a look back at some of best and worst in gaming in 2019 and this week we’ll start with the worst.

Sony a No Show in 2019
This one was something no one didn’t see coming at all. Anyone who lives for gaming knows that Sony is one of the “Big Three” in gaming next to Microsoft and Nintendo and every year during the convention season, Sony is there to show why they are part of the Big Three. This year was different, Sony held no press conferences at GDC, E3, GamesCom, and TGS. Many believed that they were more focused on creating the “PS5,” while others stated that they had nothing new to show at all this year. Let see if that all change in 2020.

The E3 Leaks
This was one of the biggest news that broke this year. The ESA had personal information of the press and they didn’t protect it at all and that was 100% wrong. Since then they are trying to fix both their database security and reputation. We have to see if E3 will be a big sell to attend in 2020.

Blizzard had one of the worst years in PR history. First, they banned Pro Gamer Blitzchung for protesting the following “Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our age!” after he won the Asia-Pacific Grandmasters for Heartstone. Soon after that, they lessen the banned but that made them even look bad and at this years BlizzCon, the president of Blizzard gave a half-ass response to what has happened with said event, but people were protesting outside of BlizzCon and that didn’t make the company look great in the gaming communities eyes.

Google Stadia
Google announced earlier in the year that they will release a new home system called Stadia and it was going to be the next big thing, but with months of not giving any information about it, a huge disappointing game line up release and people who pre-order it are still waiting for it made the launch of Stadia a huge mess. Let us not forget that a lot of things they promise on launch is still missing.

WWE 2K20
Do we need to say more?

That was the worst in gaming in 2019, next week we’ll look at the best of 2019.