Ahoy Captain Cats here and today is another round of anime news round up so let’s go!

Dragon Ball Symphonic Adventure Comes to North America
Funimation announced that the Dragon Ball Symphonic Adventure will be coming to North America in 2020. In a press release, the first date for this event will be March 27, 2020, in Chicago at the Rosemont Theater with the World Symphony Orchestra. They will post other dates and cities for the tour in 2020 on a later date.

One Piece to end in 5 years
Fans of One Piece better get used to the idea that the series will end within the next 5 years. According to Oricon News when asking about the series to end within the next 5 years Editor Takuma Naito stated this:

“If Oda says it will be five years, then it will surely end in five years”- Takuma Naito

we will see if this is the case with in the next five years and the newest volume of One Piece will be out in Japan next month.

Leiji Matsumoto Hospitalized
Anime News Network reported that manga creator Leiji Matsumoto was hospitalized in Turin Italy this past Friday after collapsing. Matsumoto was in Italy to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Captain Harlock anime series being aired in Italy. It is unclear what his status is at the moment but we will keep an eye on the situation.

Yukihiro Takiguchi passed away
Sad news to report that actor Yukihiro Takiguchi passed away at the age of 34 due to heart failure. Takiguchi did some voice acting work in The World Yamizukan anime series, work on the live-action plays of Inu Yasha, A3! And The Prince of Tennis. He also was in the 2014 Kamen Rider Drive series as Akira Hayase. Everyone here sends our deepest condolence to his family and love ones.

There you go that was our anime news round up.