Yo Ho! Nightrider here.

Many people on Twitter thought that this South Park episode, “Season Finale,” was the season finale of South Park. No, because we learned later that this is a play on words. In fact, “Season Finale” has almost nothing but playing on words throughout this episode.

Be warned, for there are spoilers abound.

As Randy and Towelie broadcast their Tegridy products on their podcast, Randy gets arrested because the town of South Park found out exactly who blew up the local marijuana farms: Randy and not Mexican Joker. Mayor McDaniels states to Randy that the town is fed up with Randy’s selfish antics throughout the past weeks and have him sent to jail. Sharon, Stan, and Shelly are overjoyed with the news and decide to make new plans to move back to South Park.

Meanwhile, at a football game in a park, Cartman throws a pass to Jason White. As Jason is about to catch the pass in the middle of the street, a cop car runs over Jason and is killed. At Jason’s funeral, his father Robert expresses that no one cares for the Whites (see the wordplay?). As Randy calls for President Garrison’s help in the form of Rudy Giuliani, a celebration occurs at Tegridy Farms with the town happy for Sharon’s new interest in life outside the farm. But the Whites ruin the party because Robert berates the attendance and states he is a loyal customer of Tegridy Weed. Cartman suggests to the Whites that they can fill the void by adopting a child from the ICE detention center he was at.

It was an episode full of clever wordplay in key moments, such as how Robert White tries to forcefully assimilate Alejandro while using the family name to legitimize their usual activities. Trey Parker and Matt Stone keeps satirizing the culture of most Americans with Alejandro’s anger being rebuffed with the common phrase “Bien, gracias, ¿y tú?” Unfortunately, Alejandro is mistaken to be the titular Mexican Joker all because of misplaced sunscreen and his desire to seek out his real parents.

As for Randy, he gets “help” from Giuliani about how to turn his criminal convictions into innocent circumstances; Giuliani then gives Randy a joint to get focused. I wanted to see that Randy was going to finally be responsible for his actions but it never happened. The crowd’s chants of “lock him up” outside the courthouse remind us of what’s going on in real life. However, at the trial Randy kept his stance of Tegridy because Guliani’s weed lacked Tegridy. After the “attack” by Alejandro, Randy is cleared of all charges and released; he thanked only the Whites while once again neglecting Shelly.

In the end, the coming snow ends the marijuana season and Randy brings out his last crop of the season called “Season Finale.” It seems that Randy’s “season” is over.

Once again South Park tackles continuing issues such as the ICE detentions of immigrants, Mexican Joker, American ignorance, Trump’s impeachment problems, weed, and many others. Parker’s writing uses wordplay to get certain messages across.

From South Park’s website, it states that their seventh episode, “Board Girls” is the season opener proper. So we can see that Randy has a miniseries all about him and Tegridy Weeeeeeed. We’ll have to see if there’s any kind of continuity with the “season opener” this coming Wednesday.