Today on Hidden Gems we are going to talk about Prince’s second album and it’s an album that doesn’t get enough exposure and that album is Prince.

This self-titled album was released on October 19, 1979, and it was all written and played by Prince himself. This album was a mix of Funk, Pop, Disco and a small splash of Soul music into one. This album was a huge improvement from his first album For You, which was released back in 1978. This album had a lot going for it with its sounds and tone that Prince himself would later be famous for.

Songs such as Why You Wanna Treat Me so Bad, Sexy Dancer, and I Wanna Be Your Lover showcased the potential that he had at the time to become a star and bring this type of sound only Prince could bring. Other songs such as It’s Gonna Be Lonely, Still Waiting, and When We’re Dancing Close and Slow also showed this side of Prince that he has become famous for in terms of making intimate songs and letting the listener be a part of it.

Prince is one of those albums that showcased that the kid was going to be a star in the future and at the same time showed he knew what he was doing and ahead of his time. The album turns 40 this year and it has age well while being an underrated album at the same time.Go take some time out of your day and listen to this under the radar gem of an album.