Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we have a cartoon news round up so let’s get going

For Steven Universe fans out there, I got a piece of good and bad news for you. According to Slashfilm during a Steven Universe panel at New York Comic-Con, it was reported and confirmed by series creator Rebecca Sugar that there is no season six to the main series, which means the series is done. Sugar did shine some light that there will be a new “limited epilogue series” and showed off a mini trailer for Steven Universe Future. I’m going to say it and this is just an OVA (Original Video Animation) series filler.

Netflix showed off the spin-off series tease from the creators of Big Mouth, which its third season was not it’s best, but that for another day. The spin-off series is called Human Resources and it looks like it will take place in the same universe as Big Mouth.

It was also reported that DC announced that the new Harley Quinn series will be released on November 29 of this year. This means that season 2 of Titans will only have 7 episodes left till Harley premiers and it pushes back Stargirl date to 2020.

Lastly, fans of Hazbin Hotel can rejoice because a new trailer was released and it has the release date on this one of a kind series, October 28 of this year. This has been under our radar here for a long time and we can’t wait to see the final product!

There you go that’s the cartoon news round up.