I’m going to make this one short today because it is 100% NOT worth watching at all. It feels like an excuse for Netflix to market “We do anime” in a very horrible way in it’s so-called “documentary” Enter The Anime.

This documentary is about anime “newbie” Alex Burunova, who also directed this and “explore” what anime is all about. The first person she talks to is the creator of the horrible Castlevania cartoon series. Next Burunova goes off to Japan and doesn’t even put any effort into understanding anime. Most of the interviews with people who work in anime, are the one’s Netflix has such as Ultraman, Knights of the Zodiac, Aggressive Retsuko, Rilakkuma and Kaoru, you can find on the Netflix YouTube page.

In short, it’s unoriginal, very dull, and it never tells you what anime is and what makes it so beloved all over the world. This documentary is like Netflix took everything that made Anthony Bourdain show Parts Unknown so excellent and informative and turn it into a pile of crap, FOR SHAME NETFLIX!