Ahoy Captain Cats here and today I’m going to review a trade paperback (TPB for short) of a new indie comic from Bill Williams and Matthew Weldon and is being published by Antarctic Press, and that comic is PUNCHLINE.

PUNCHLINE or PL for short has an interesting take on the teacher and student motif with a superhero twist. We are introduced to Mel, a former superhero who we see on death’s door, and she finds a young girl named Jessie, who became Mel’s replacement to the superhero game after Mel gave her an offer. From here on out, we see Mel teaching Jessie the ways and life of a superhero. Mel explains what does it takes to be one, even if it means to bend the rules and look the other way once in a while and never tell a single soul what you have done.

Throughout the TPB, we see Mel’s backstory, crazy team-ups, the dark side of being a superhero, tons of fighting, and so much more. PL does a lot of different things right, and by the time I was done reading this, I wanted to know more about this world, the people who live in it, who Mel is and what is going to happen to Jessie and so on.

The creative team behind this series put a lot of love and effort into this, and it shows. With Bill Williams and Matthew Weldon both the co-creators of this series and the writer and artist respectively, Neeraj Menon and Tiago Barsa doing the coloring, Williams and Thom Zahler doing the letters and Megan Sloane doing the editing work, PL has a team that is bringing this series to life in front of our eyes. The artwork and coloring are lovely and at times very beautiful, the storytelling is at an all-time high and has a mainstream feel to it and yet still has this indie darling aura to it.

PL is one of those series that you need to pick up and read, and the Blood Sister TPB has issues 1-5 so you now don’t have an excuse to say you can’t get into this fantastic series at all.