Ahoy Captain Cats here and today I’m going to review a film that not only surprised the hell out of me but also pay homage to sci-fi films of the 50 and 60 and that film is Another Plan From Outer Space. 

The story is about five astronauts who came back from an extended space mission and crash-landed back to earth. Not knowing where on earth they are on, the crew of the genesis one must do what they can to survive until help comes along or worst. I had no idea what I was going to watch, and from the moment it started until the very end it was a great film. Lance Polland, who wrote, co-produced and directed the film, did a great job with the film, the choice of going black and white for the movie gave it a classic sci-fi film vibe to it, and I think it was a massive plus for the film. The cast who played the crew of the genesis one did a hell of a job with the roles, and you be surprised who is the cast:

  • Jessica Morris as Commander Strickland
  • Augie Duke as Chief Hudson
  • Hans Hernke as Lieutenant Books
  • Scott Sell as Captain Jackson
  • Minchi Murakami as Dr. Koji Yushiro

The one thing I have to say that I loved the most was the Vito Trabucco and his cinematography work. He did a great job, and every shot was beautiful, especially some of the landscape shots, such a joy to look and watch. Another Plan From Outer Space is one of those films that you can’t judge it by its cover and is worth a watch. Good storyline, a great cast of actors who bring their characters to life and its retro sci-fi vibe make this film stand out. If you are into retro sci-fi films or looking to find something different to watch, give this one a shot, and you may end up loving it as I did.